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OpenReflow is a simple board to convert low-cost toaster ovens into accurate soldering tools.

We have made a prototype circuit to verify the basic functionality. Lots of bugs were detected and corrected prior the upload to PCBway! :-)


Please note we have made a modification to incorporate a more accurate circuit to measure the RTD temperature sensor. The version posted here "as is" requires manual calibration of the temperature reading.


Compared to other solutions, these are the advantages of OpenReflow:

- The board already incorporates an AC-DC converter, greatly simplifying installation (does not need additional power supplies).

- It uses a low cost mechanical relay, combined with a mains zero-cross detector. The relay is switched ONLY when the mains AC line is crossing zero; this reduces the wear of electric contacts and saves the cost of an actual SSR.

- It has a single processor: a WiFi-enabled ESP8266.

- Temperature sensing is done directly with a Pt100 element that interfaces an ADC.

The final goal of the project is to have a mobile phone interface, so the oven's user can connect to its access point ("OpenReflow" by default) and adjust the soldering profiles easily.

All of this while keeping everyting nice and tidy within the original enclosure of the toaster oven.


At the moment the project is experimental, and will be fully docummented with a BOM after testing it thoroughly.

Thank you for reading! Please let us know your thougths in the comments.

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PS: It will be very meta to bake more OpenReflow boards in the OpenReflow oven itself... :-)

Nov 10,2017
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  • Great useful projet, thank you ! Alexandre

  • Nice project... Can you post the BOM on github? I see your program, that this controller has a fix profile. Its mean the software can't control the profile right?

  • Is there a kit with a ready soldered components pcb?