Supersonic Tunnel Test Model

We were thoroughly impressed with this print. We put this stainless steel print (2 turbine blades at 8 degrees angle of attack, chord=50mm, width=100mm) inside our supersonic wind tunnel. When we designed the piece, we used Solidworks to anticipate the stresses and we expected about 74MPa of stress at the points where the wing connects to the strut supports. We tested the piece with a stagnation pressure of 200psi (~13 atm) at various Mach numbers between 1.5 and 3.5. Not only the part survived all tests, but it looks fine and will likely survive many more. We unfortunately had too much blockage to have clean flow over the wings but they definitely saw some serious pressure (~500kgf on each wing!). See a microscope picture of a small piece we sawed from it. We don't see any voids or gaps, sanded with 80 grit sand paper (that's the best we could do). This is some serious stuff!! We are thoroughly impressed and will definitely use PCBway's service in the future!

Jul 04,2024
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