Coaxial8or R0: 8-in 1-out FFF Coaxial Heatblock

The communication was great and really helped find issues in my designs before I finally ordered this part, since it has 1.25mm internal channels. I needed to design teardrop channels so that the heatblock could print without inaccessible internal supports. It seemed that holes shrank by 0.2mm on average (e.g. 1.9mm holes in CAD were measured as 1.7mm) which is within their tolerance of 0.3mm. I sent an image to show the intended part orientation so that the large flat face was against the build platform. Whilst this meant that the face had the best looking surface quality, it also slightly warped. I then had the part post-processed at my university to flatten the face. The technician said that about 0.75mm of material had to be removed. The university technician also tapped the M2 and M4 screw threads, as well as the printed M6 thread. The M6 was printed to make it easier to consistently tap that section of the design. I didn't have PCBWay tap the threads because the quoted price increased dramatically. I was able to extrude PETG filament through all 8 channels. I modelled the heatblock using a minimum wall thickness of 1.2mm. The CAD was 74g and the actual part is 71g.

Apr 09,2024
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