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Actually this is my first order pcb at and I think I will reoder again. Why i so trust and chose them to produce my pcb design for the first time? It is simply, i can judging how they will do my pcb by only review their website, website has so awesome interface, they are really know how the process production must do. Step by step they will guide us how to order pcb by their website system. It started by determinate about specification of PCB materials, like thickness, color, finishing, quantity and so on. It is so really easy to do that, after that we just sending gerber files of pcb to them. They will improve my PCB design until the design was fix for their machine works (placing labelling, copper, masking, and so on) and just for minutes they will give us a quotation price including the shipping cost. After we get a deal with them, they will give us a new account to entering website system, so we can tracking the process production step by step like your own manufactur. This is very amazing features. For my experience they will do our pcb with full dedication and finished it on time schedule. Thanks a lot pcbway. By the way, honestly i have no patient to enter all fields order form on website, so i just try to get a contact pcbway sales division, but i have a little worry they will ignoring me because i jump their steps but unfortunately they still give me good respond they will calculate of my quotation. Finally I received my pcb and looking my pcb for the first time, my pcb is so nice, very amazing quality, very good precission. My pcb just like a motherboard quality, very cool. This is the best company system I ever knew. And I will re-order again soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------- My project is very simple, I develop remote relays control to handling three relays by TCP/IP protocol. First relay as a electric switch for audio on/off, second relay as a switch electric for microphone on/off and the third relay as a switch for cctv on/off. I don’t want to use RJ45 cabling to connecting between server and client in every room. Because they will be complicated wiring and hard to install in every room, and they will need much LAN switch and more cost of course. So I decided to make it wireless. To make a control system I use C# programming. I approach with client server programming or socket programming, which every client have a unique IP Address to identify every client. Technology: ? Arduino Nano Control System ? ESP-01 Wirelless ? RF522 Mifare RFID ? Windows C# Language Programming
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