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[PCB] What is your requirements of V-cut

Rep: For no space V-cut, you just need to keep the copper trace with 0-0.5 MM space from the V-cut line.While for V-cut with space, the space need to be larger than 3MM and the min size of break-away rails is 5MM.

[PCB] V-Cuts relatively expensive

I ordered a PCB with 8 x the same design on a 10x010cm PCB. When I started the quote it is 5 US$. However once I add V-cuts (one vertical and 3 horizontal) the price goes up to 46US$. Because it is seen as a panel. Why doesn't PCBWAY add this info on their site. This is very confusing and disappointing.
  • answered Oct 05,2019
    by Praddy
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