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In this section, you’ll find a kind of PCB based on an open source project. Every Monday we would ship it out FREE for some lucky electronic enthusiasts . This week, we would like to share to project named “ Easy/Newbie PCB for MySensors ”, which you can find details at OpenHardware.io Let’s start from the following steps to get the FreePCB: 1.Follow us on Twitter. Every Monday we give out 4 pcs FreePCB to 2 random Retwitters or Likers . 2.Dislike Twitter ? Like us on Facebook and leave a comment. Also 4pcs FreePCB every Wednesday to 2 random commenters or the ones who share the post. 3.Dislike Twitter and Facebook ? Just leave a comment below, you will have a chance to get 2pcs FreePCB. 4.Before or after you have been notified that you are the lucky one to get the Free PCB, please login on our website timely and fill in your detailed address information. Just believing our better user’s interface, you can track the delivery information until it reaches to your hands. 5.Any questions,please feel free to contact sales02@pcbway.net. Note: 1.We will announce the lucky ones that participant us during the last week on Twitter ( Monday ) and Facebook ( Wednesday ). 2.The boards can be shipped all around the world (FREE shipping by HK Post). Just join us if you have interests in any FreePCB we shared. 3.To make yourself contacted, please use a real and frequently-used email to REGISTER when you want to be our new member. 4.We would be appreciated if you can share your finished projects using the FreePCB with us on Twitter or Facebook. 5.Your chance will be expired if no response within 1 WEEK after we announce that you're the lucky one. 6.A chance to get a FREE custom PCB prototype is undergoing, please pay close attention to our “Free PCB Section” and our public accounts. 7.No spam, please.