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Multifunctional 6WD Expansion Board


The 6WD expansion board is a versatile expansion board tailored for DIY, supporting four major controllers, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino UNO, STM32 and 51 controllers. You can switch between one of them to achieve a variety of creative gameplay. The motor drive module and expansion board are separated for easy replacement of damaged motor drive modules. Customers can also plug in the corresponding drive module according to their own motor requirements.

6WD expansion board carries 8 servo interface, 4 speed motor interface, 6 DC motor interface, and the interface supports a variety of motor types, such as servo, stepper motor, 520 motor, 370 motor, gear motor and so on. The above motor drive can use PCA9685 chip IIC control. Each motor can be used for speed measurement, control, speed regulation and stop. It can be expanded into a smart balance car, Mecanum car, omnidirectional mobile smart car and other smart robots.

The 6WD expansion board is designed with a serial port interface and can be connected to wifi camera with a serial port to easily expand into a WIFI video robot.

The 6WD expansion board carries a variety of independent power supply systems, providing a variety of power management solutions. The 6WD expansion board is also designed with reverse connection protection, low battery protection, and can effectively protect the power supply and expansion board.


  • Compatible with four main controllers
  • Separate design of motor driver module
  • Equipped with PCA9685 control chip, ICC control
  • Support 6 channel motor control
  • Supports 4 channels with speedometer motor
  • Support 8 channel servo control
  • Camera serial port
  • Stable power supply system


  • Supply voltage: 12.6V-24V
  • Onboard voltage output: 3.3V/5V
  • Charging interface: 5.5/2.1DC
  • Power scheme: LM2596, XL4005, reverse polarity protection, over discharge protection, low voltage protection
  • Motor Drive Solution: AM2857 Chip *6
  • Motor Drive Module: BST-driver*3
  • Servo Drive Solution: PCA9685 IIC Driver
  • Motor speed drive scheme: PCA9685 IIC drive or external IO drive
  • Motor Interface: Supports 6 DC motors; 4 speed motors
  • Remote control mode: Bluetooth remote control, WIFI remote control
  • Output: Buzzer
  • Input: 4 independent buttons, Bluetooth 4.0 interface, serial interface, IIC interface
  • Support Controller: Arduino/51/STM32/Raspberry Pi

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