PCBWayer Bazaar
Since the establishment of PCBWay, we have helped more than 300,000 electronics engineers complete their projects. PCBWay and PCBWayers have established a profound friendship, and we are going further and further on the road of cooperation.
We sincerely know that the development of PCBWay cannot be separated from the support of all of you. So, we have been rolling out many programs that reward our PCBWayers over the past few years, such as Sponsorship, Open Source Shared Project, Nov. & Dec. Shopping Festival(year-end promotions), Gift Shop, and more. Every your shopping experience at PCBWay will be transformed into permanent membership benefits. see details >>
As you know, PCBWay Gift Shop is also built to reward every PCBWayers. Moreover, we are setting the PCBWayer Bazaar for you. From now on, you can sell your own awesome products directly in Gift Shop. From another perspective, you can also buy many excellent works from other PCBWayers here.
PCBWayer Bazaar Cooperation: You provide products, PCBWay sells.
Under this mode of cooperation, your products can be produced by yourself or by PCBWay with our PCB and PCBA services. All in all, as long as your product is a finished product with testing successfully, it can be sold directly.
Your responsibility
Production - You need to complete the production of the entire product, including testing and packaging.
Documentation - You need to provide 5 high-quality product images and the detailed introduction.
Technical Support - When a customer encounters any technical issues with your product, you will need to provide technical support.
Replacement - You are supposed to provide a replacement service if the product is certified by the customer to have a production defect.
Promotion - Promote your own products in our store to achieve maximum exposure.

There are two options available for specific cooperation in PCBWayer Bazaar.
1.Pricing right (including promotional price reduction or price increase in the future) and stocking quantity are decided by supplier. The payment will be done on a monthly period. One month after the product goes online, PCBWay will feedback the sales data, including sold quantity, inventory and actual sales revenue to the supplier, and then the money (Last month’s actual sales revenue) will be paid to the supplier after mutual agreement.
2.Pricing right (including promotional price reduction or price increase in the future) and stocking quantity are decided by PCBWay. The payment will be done as soon as PCBWay purchases the products from supplier. However, PCBWay and supplier need to discuss the reseller discounts in advance.
PCBWay's responsibility
Stock your product - First, our purchasing team will contact with you to discuss pricing and shipping issues. After we receive your goods, they will be numbered and stored. For every PCBWayer who wants to sell in our Gift Shop, we will sign a contract and details will be discussed via the email.
Manage your product page - We receive documentation of your product (including pictures) , and then we will upload the product to Gift Shop. If there is any update in the future, please contact us timely.
Delivery - Once an order generates, we will ship your goods.
Promotion - We promote products through social media and websites to achieve maximum exposure.
Customer Service - We provide 24-Hour service for any questions about the ordering process.
After-sales - Quality problems or technical problems with your product, we need your assistance and solve it as soon as possible.

Submit your ideas to Email: anson@pcbway.com
We will get back to you in 24 hours.
About PCBWay Gift Shop

Service hours (GMT+8):
9am - 6pm, Mon.- Sat.(12am), except Chinese public holidays
Tel: +86 571 8531 7532
Emailing service (GMT+8):
9am - 11pm, Mon.- Sun.
Your sales rep. (Any questions support):
Sending a message.
After-sales/Complaint: feedback@pcbway.com
Suggestions/Distributor: anson@pcbway.com
Cooperations: simon@pcbway.com
CNC/3D: 3dcnc@pcbway.com
Multi-language customer service:
English: service@pcbway.com
Français: fr-sales01@pcbway.com
Española: es-service@pcbway.com
日本語: service25@pcbway.com

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