There are two ways you can get involved with computers on the nonprofessional

level. You can buy one of several reasonably priced hobby computers, with all

the added bells and whistles you'd ever want. On the other hand, you can build

your own inexpensive system from scratch.

That was rougly the start of the iconic Cosmac ELF-computers history, it was august 1976 and Popular Electronics magazine had just printed the first in

a series of tutorials on how everyone could build their own computers using

only common parts and the new 1802 processor from RCA.

With this as well as the corresponding revision E UI-module you can build your own Cosmac ELF computer, see documentation links for pictures as well as lists of all the other components needed to complete the kit. More modules will be added over time so keep a lookout for them on the github repository!

Jan 13,2019
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