Watch IV-6 + IV-1

I would like to present to the public the project of my watches on VFD. The IV-6 indicators are used to indicate the time, and the IV-1 is used for the dividing point. To obtain -40 volts DC and ~ 4 volts AC, a converter based on the KF1211EU1 microcircuit, IRF7313 power switches is used. The transformer has one primary winding with a midpoint, two secondary windings with a midpoint. In the primary winding 2 x 6 turns, in the secondary 2 x 50 turns and 2 x 4 turns, the material of the ferrite ring is N87, dimensions 10x6x4. The grids and segments of the indicators are controlled by the “bottom” BC857 keys in the SOT323 package. Real-time microcircuit - DS3231 in SO-16 package, microcontroller - Atmega328P in TQFP32 package. Installation is performed on two double-sided boards, boards are connected by a board-to-board connector. Also, under the indicators, an optional installation of SK6805 addressable LEDs is provided. The device operates on any 5 volt power supply unit that has a USB connector. For the firmware of the microcontroller, the corresponding contacts are displayed. It is possible to use Atmega168 instead of Atmega328, but it is not recommended as the firmware may be updated in the future and take more than 16kb. The firmware is written in the Arduino IDE and is open for user modification. On the photo your can see first version

Nov 17,2020
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