Prototype for VC-01/VC-02 Offilne Voice Module

This is a very quick prototype PCB to test out some features on AI-Thinker's new VC-01 and VC-02 offline voice controller module kits. I was recently sent a few of these modules by AI-Thinker to do a review. They come in a nicely made kit PCB form but are too wide to be put onto a breadboard. I have also asked AI-Thinker to do some custom firmware for me, which will allow me to interface with relays in the real world. Instead of having things connected by a bunch of pesky wires, I decided to make a quick prototype PCB which can also be used in real life. The module has two relays, which are optically isolated from the controller. Power is taken directly from a USB port on the voice controller kit. As this is still a very early prototype, I decided not to bother with any more advanced circuitry on the carrier PCB. PCBWay did their usual perfect job. I am especially very happy that the irregularly spaced header pins on the module actually match up with the holes on the PCB, as this took some careful measurement with calipers to get right :) Thank you

Jul 22,2022
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