2 Layers PCB Board FR-4 1.6mm Blue Mask HASL lead free

After a few initial hiccups with the order, I finally managed to get my PCBs manufactured as required. Delivery was very prompt: one week for order submittance to delivery in the UK which is very impressive. Cost-wise, very good value for money, especially as I had requested the board is split into two (only main part shown in photos). If I need more copies of this board, ordering will be a breeze and won't have any complications as the design is understood.

Jan 23,2015
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  • Glad to know you have our made pcb boards not too long, hope you like them as always : ) thanks again for support .

    mike 2017-07-09 17:36:48 Reply

    very goods!

  • Clearance and creep on your 230V looks significantly too little..

  • its HV discharge gap!!

  • Yes, if this is a 230VAC application, the clearances are not sufficient and not UL spec'd.

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