How to use circuit board jumpers? - SparkFun jumper issue JUMPER_2_NC_TRACE_NO_SILK won't route under EAGLE 9.6.2

twinotter asked Jul 03,2023

I asked this question over at the SparkFun forum and someone suggested I post is here because there may be more EAGLE users here.

I'm using the SparkFun jumper library under EAGLE but having problems getting them to route correctly. Either manually or with the autorouter.

There is a keep-out that shows up in the board layout software right around the pads where the trace is to go... I suppose it is there to prevent the router from routing *other* signals right across the jumper itself.... But how do I let the router route the appropriate signals to each pad??

Alternately, is there another circuit board jumper with a normally closed trace that I could use from a different library?



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