Battery Charger 10A BMS

John Hungerford asked Feb 06,2024

Hello friends,

I’m new in this area. I’ll need help or guide how to prepared

before I order. Noobs I like to have Battery Charger 10A BMS

that can charge 3.7 volt of any batteries size. I like the idea you

explaining in video. However I read CC because I’m after born

deaf. Cochair implants helped me to hear and understand some


So I like to have and order with PCB Assembly ready installed

all the components. I have TP4056 to replaced standard

batteries like upgrade flashlight, magnify glass with LED, etc.

Sometimes need to have two or more Lithium Ion to charge it

more amp. Also nice to use USB type C is my favorite.

Before I do to avoid mistakes online PCBWay. I would

appreciate your help and recommendations before order it.

I like the small size of TP4056 if a little longer requ, good quality

material, thick copper withstand heat. Can they Assembly

components. My hands have arthritis would be difficulty of my

old age. I have enjoyed doing hobbies in electronics for years

as well doing wood shop. Let me know in steps and guide.

Thank you friends,


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