Altium PCB Design Solder Mask Missing Issue

vikash23 asked Feb 27,2023


I see the solder mask in my design is missing for most components.

For example I have the following component in my design (Image 1). When I enable top layer I can see the component and blue colour in ISO_RLY_BAT- is nothing but the net colour.

image 1.png

When I enable the top solder mask and paste mask I dont see the solder mask. I can see only the paste mask. I have also disabled paste mask layer only and enabled solder mask and still I can't see the solder mask for most of the components.

image 2.png

But when I checked for the same part in my library I can see the solder mask.

image 3.png

I have also tested by placing this component in a new Altium PCB board and I can see the solder mask. Which means something is wrong with my existing design. May be some settings?

Below is the image that shows the above component placed in another PCB board.

image 4.png

Below is the image that shows my current settings.

image 5.jpg

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