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Digital Power Supply MDP-P906

MDP-P906 Digital Power Supply

MDP (Mini Digital Power System) is a system of programmable linear DC power supply based on modular design, capable of connecting up to 6 different modules for use as needed. For its novel, beautiful and trendy design, MDP won a Red Dot in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020. 

Current Functional Modules: Smart Display Control Module, Digital Power Supply Module (2 models);

Modules in Develop: DC Electronic Load Module (coming soon), Digital Signal Generator Module, Power Charger Module, Battery Pack Module.

MDP-P906 is the second digital power supply module of MDP series, following MDP-P905. MDP-P906 has a built-in cooling fan, and a maximum output power up to 300W, which meets a wider range of testing needs and application scenarios. Through 2.4G wireless communication, it can be connected to MDP-M01 Smart Digital Monitor module to realize the free combination of multiple channels of 300W per channel, and it is also stackable with MDP-XP set (MDP-M01+MDP-P905) to form a multiple modular portable Mini digital power system.

MDP-P906 has the index, stability and reliability comparable to a professional power supply. It can output pure current, and provide powerful functions such as programmable output, timing output, timing control, automatic compensation, boost mode, etc., making itself a real cost-effective, smart and customized programmable linear DC power supply.

MDP-P906 adopts precision CNC machined aluminum alloy shell, with fine workmanship, novel, mini and beautiful appearance, it completely subverts the rigid image of traditional desktop power supply. With stackable modular design and wireless communication function, MDP-P906 can work independently or paired, both on the workbench, and be carried out for on-site maintenance. MDP-P906 is a perfect solution for electronic engineer, especially field application engineers to meet different needs of power sources.

Product Features:

  • 2.4G wireless connection, supporting wireless connection to Display Control module
  • DC wide voltage input between 4.2V- 30V
  • Support Max 20V QC/PD input
  • 95% High efficiency programmable linear output, max 300W power output
  • Built-in low noise & high-speed cooling fan
  • Ultra high-speed transient response & ultra low ripple and noise
  • Extremely low load regulation rate with smart linear loss compensation
  • Support Boost mode, highly reliable for various electrical devices
  • Support multiple in-series and in-parallel connection to output higher voltage
  • Safety Protections: input over-voltage, under-voltage, reverse connection protection, output over-current, backflow protection and over temperature protection
  • Support firmware upgrade 


  • Universal tests and teaching experiments in R&D laboratory 
  • Maintenance of cell phones, laptops and other digital devices
  • Power supply testing and data logger of RF, microwave circuits and other modules
  • Provide purified power for high-accuracy digital-analog hybrid circuits and Hi-Fi audio devices
  • Performance verification and fault diagnosis of devices and circuits
  • Quality control and quality inspection
  • Emergency power supply for RC models, vehicles and digital devices

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