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APi - Accelerometer-Pi project

LIS3DSH sensor

I'm designing cost-effective accelerometer (MEMS accelerometer + digitizer) for seismic purposes.

Nowdays we can find several examples acquiring acceleration data using SBCs such Raspberry Pi and additional MEMS accelerometer boards but only few projects are enough good to be used in seismic enviroment or for building monitoring.

Talking about MEMS accelerometer sensors, we can find very good MEMS sensors for seismic purposes but they are very expensive (take care you can buy professional seismic accelerometer for same price) while from electronic suppliers we can find very cheap MEMS accelerometers but not really suitable for seismic purposes.

I found nice accelerometer (ADXL355) evaluation board suitable for OEM applications but it's slightly more expensive (about 40$) than low cost MEMS accelerometers such LIS3DSH.

Maybe for some applications we can avoid to use ADXL355 and save more money; the only way to know if it's possible is to compare both sensors.

To compare these two accelerometers I need same form factor evaluation board to be installed on OEM board, so I made LIS3DSH evaluation board with minimal pinout and same form factor of ADXL355 evaluation board.

Here ADXL355 evaluation board:


and here LIS3DSH evaluation board with same form factor: