What is your project about? Why did you decide to make it? How does it work? Show us with images and videos!

Oled displays are great for visualizing small amount of data. Having that in mind I thought it’d be useful if I have a small display, connected to the Internet in my work space. The plan is simple, connect the ESP module to Internet to fetch data in real time and display them on the OLED display.



I wanted this project to be small and compact size so I have gone with this 0.96″ OLED display module. It has a resolution of 128×64 pixel. It uses I2C communication protocol, so less wiring mess. We just need 4 wires to control it two wire for the I2C bus(SDA & SCL) and VCC and GND to power it up. And can show all sorts of alpha-numerical and graphical data. Perfect for my application.


Now to connect to Internet and control the display I will be using popular ESP8266 microcontroller. It has WiFi built-in. So we can connect to the Internet easily.


We will also need a Li-Ion battery if we want to make it portable. But it’s totally optional and you can ignore them and use a regular DC power supply adapter to power this project.