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  • US $76.00
    A***********rry Poland No. W1*********74
  • US $53.00
    T**********ski Poland No. W2*********73
  • US $48.00
    B************kel Poland No. W2*********72
  • US $86.00
    D*******yte Poland No. W2*********71
  • US $0.00
    A******ock Poland No. W1*********70
  • US $172.00
    D********dia Poland No. W0*********69
  • US $116.00
    A******eph Poland No. W0*********68
  • US $47.00
    S*******lin Poland No. W1*********67
  • US $89.00
    D*******tin Poland No. W1*********66
  • US $81.00
    J********************ere Poland No. W0*********65
  • US $45.00
    J*********rro Poland No. W1*********64
  • US $111.00
    A*********lli Poland No. W2*********63
  • US $77.00
    B************ick Poland No. W1*********62
  • US $50.00
    R**************dea Poland No. W1*********61
  • US $95.00
    R****ing Poland No. W2*********60
  • US $38.00
    I*******kov Poland No. W2*********59
  • US $209.00
    E*****ope Poland No. W0*********58
  • US $71.00
    J********tie Poland No. W2*********57

PCB Assembly
Assembly service
at low cost.
3-5 Days Delivery


No Hidden Cost
1-2layers 100*100mm
engineering cost
3-5 Days Delivery

Only $ 10.00

Best Value
L≤100mm W≤100mm
10 pcs 4 layers
4-6 Days Delivery

Only $ 49.00

Free Universal
Free Gift Of DIY Universal Boards.

50000 pcs

Why Buy Your Printed Circuit Boards From Us?

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Committed to total quality in every department by doing it right the first time.

PCBWay, PCB Prototype the Easy Way

With more than A decade in the field of PCB prototype and fabrication, we are committed to meeting the needs of our customers from different industries in terms of quality, delivery, cost-effectiveness and any other demanding requests. As one of the most experienced PCB manufacturers in China, we pride ourselves to be your best business partners as well as good friends in the every aspect of your PCB needs.


At, all the boards will be undertaking the most stringent tests other than the basic visual check. We adopt most of the testing and inspecting equipments of the industry, such as Flying Probe Tester, X-Ray Inspection Machine,  China based PCB manufacture and electronic assembly factory  A.O.I. Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine.


Through the years we are proud to have been keeping an on-time delivery rate of 99%. We know, apart from PCB quality, the other most important factor is the shortest possible lead-time, which is crucial for engineers' R&D works, especially in the stage of prototyping. We work in three shifts to make sure your PCBs will be on your desk as agreed up and as early as possible.


Our pricing structure is transparent and has no hidden cost in it. Our price is one of the most competitive in the world, and is just a fraction of what other American or European fabricators normally charge you. Even many price-sensitive customers like students and hobbyists largely rely on us for their PCB prototype and fabrication orders. We try our utmost to save your money and time.

PCBA: also offers Assembly service for our PCB customers. Our online pricing software can instantly quote for your PCB Assembly service from us, though a rough calculation, you can still have some idea of the real cost which helps you decide to use our service, as our PCBA prices are as competitive as our PCBs. All your jobs can be done under one roof, SMT, Thru-hole or Hybrid!

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