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PCBWay is the leading high-tech multilayer PCB Manufacturer in China, supporting the fastest lead time of 12-hour. With professional PCB manufacturing capabilities, we can support all advanced designs with demanding requirements, including Fr4, FPC, Aluminum, Rogers, HDI, Flex-rigid, laser drilled microvias, 6 ounces of heavy copper, pads, microwaves and RF boards, up to 24 layers.
and also offers turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs. We handle the whole process including: ordering all the components, PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, testing and final shipment. We are capable of assembling BGA, Micro-BGA, QFN and other leadless package parts.

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1.Quality Assurance

a zero defect product with on time delivery

We shorten the delivery time while ensuring quality. We adopt chemically process, copper plating for the production of pads and via metallization, but totally reject conductive adhesive technology to save costs. Each panel must pass 70 minutes of copper plating, AOI and probe testing. We only use international Well-known basic materials such as: Kingboard, Shengyi, TACONIC, Arlon, GDM, TaiYo Ink and other well-known brands, and our factory has maintained ISO 9001 and UL certification for many years.

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Data analysis, efficient collaboration, connecting the future

PCBWay uses the panel technology and internet means which includes data flow, intelligent services, and efficient collaboration to create the future.Order management system supports automatically detect data and pricing with uploading files, so that customers can placing orders easily and track the progress of your products at any time,The customer service team cooperates with the self-developed service management system to ensure that pcbway responds to users within 5 minutes.Flexible shipping methods:DHL,FedEx,EMS...

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• Exclusive customer support, multi-language support
24-hour customer support service in Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, etc... Visiting European companies.

• Respond and solve problems quickly
A key spirit of a dedicated customer support is to help customer avoid problems. Once the problems occur, technicians and after-sale team can quickly find the source of the problem and quickly resolve it.

• Technical and engineering support
PCBWay DFM review team, engineering department and production data department guarantee the comprehensive technical support for PCB production. Our technicians have experience in providing
recommendations for production factors and design solutions. Quick feedback on construction, material selection, design rules,
manufactur ability, cost of different solutions, micro vias, gold
plating, special laminates, etc.

• Quick solution for complaints
If the delivery is delayed, we immediately embark on solving
the problem in order to complete production and then
implement preventive and corrective actions in the future.
Analysis of the cause of the defect, we will immediately
reply after receiving the complaint. The after-sales team
who manages the complaint (
will keep in touch with you.

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23,000+ projects

Sponsor 800+ non-profit/school/open source projects with more than 50,000 US dollars (2017 data). Sponsor various open source activities, such as KiCon, OSHWA, Maker Faire, etc. Our customers actively share their own PCB open source projects in PCBWay, up to 2,000+. We hold PCB Design Contest and the bonus is up to 10,000 dollars.
As a leading PCB manufacturer, we are committed to the open source community, promote sustainable development of the society, promote the sound development of the industry, actively participate in and support the formulation of mainstream standards, and build a win-win ecosystem. Helping to cultivate talents in the PCB industry, promote knowledge transfer, enhance people's understanding and interest in the PCB industry, and encourage countries and regions to participate in the construction of the PCBWay community.


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