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We make solutionsIs there any novel idea in your mind, but you don't know how to proceed to achieve it? Or you already have a perfect plan, and need the right person to help execute it ? Now PCBWay cooperates with professional teams, offering a brand new innovation service to give a fully-functioning solution and bring your ideas to life.
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Introduction to third-party service

Main Services:
*Electronic design and technical management of the project.
*Commercial management of the project.
*Implementation of the firmware, IT management and programming.
*Mechanical design,including design realization and 3d models.
*Managing the documentation related to the finalization of the project.

PCB Design
  • An Industrial 3D Printer manufacturer that offers PCB design services. Our main experience is building hardware specific control boards for IoT, industrial machinery, smartwatches and many other customized microcontrollers boards with IoT Sensors and Communications.
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ValiTech Team
Electronic design
  • Experts in the field of NPI provides Electronic Product Development and Consulting Services. We are focusing on wireless IoT and M2M complex designs and offering rapid product development cycles and delivers excellence in FPGA/DSP, Embedded Software, RF/Wireless, PCB Layout, and Mechanical design.
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Algarhard Team
PCB Design
  • Professional PCB Design and Assembly services. We have interfaces for Arduino, Raspberry, Beaglebone, ESP32, ESP8266 and proprietary platforms, IoT products with MQTT communication over SSL, and highly technological solutions with our products and services, in which we preserve quality and safety.
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Amarula Electronics Team
Electronic design
  • Highly professional Full Service Electronic design house with 15+ years experience in design and consultancy in electronic and embedded products.
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Xentronics Team
Product design
  • From schematics, to PCB, to firmware, to a final assembled and tested device - Xentronics is a fresh take on electronic product design. By having a small and highly-skilled team with over 10 years of electronics design experience, we manage to deliver high-quality solutions in a timely manner, and at a reasonable cost.
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AD Technology Team
Arduino platform
  • The development group has produced around 100 different prototypes, some of which are still produced in series.Many prototypes are made on the Arduino platform, to be transformed, where required, into real PCBs.
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Nijiworks Team
Product Design
  • Take an active role in every step of a project - from concept design to mass production, boxed ready to sell product. We firstly prepare concept works along with your ideas, then start to work for prototyping. 3D design, product development, prototype or mass production. No matter if there is a business partnership in the end, we will be glad to meet you and exchange opinions.
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PCBWay Own Team
PCB Layout
  • We Possess a Professional PCB Layout Team With Average Design Experience Over 10 Years And Full Experienced Of Design.
Want to join in?
  • If you would also like to establish a partnership with us, please send an email with a detailed introduction of your company or team to simon@pcbway.com

1.In order to meet some customers’ requirements, PCBWay builds the third-party service platform , introducing high-quality third-party service providers around the world, who specialize in electronic product design. All payments will be collected by PCBWay.

2.Customer needs to fully communicate with the service provider the project content, delivery standards, in good faith cooperation attitude, try to avoid disputes.

3.After the customer and the third-party service provider reach an agreement, PCBWay will send the invoice to the customer. The project will be launched after payment is made.

4.Of course, PCBWay has the right to stop anyone from purchasing the service (no reason, because We don't exclude the possibility that the customer requests the unconditional refund maliciously)


PCB Design Showcases
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Waiting for authorization display
Waiting for authorization display
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They master various EAD software such as Allegro, POWER PCB, ORCAD, AUTO CAD and CAM350 etc. They are very familiar with the design standard and technology standard both home and abroad, and also have full experience about the PCB layout and wiring design, power supply design, SI analysis and EMC design. They have the ability to finish the whole design process from drawing the schematic to assembly.

Make layout design easier here
★ High qualified layout engineers, with average over 5 years’experience, among which are senior engineer with over 10 years’experience
★ Package engineer, layout engineer, EMI engineer, EMC engineer, the stone of profession
★ Perfect process, experienced team, good technology, promised quality
★ PCB layout, fabrication, assembly, one-stop, on-time delivery


How to use

Place an order on PCBWay

Quote & Order
  • Client Requirements
  • Quotes and sign Agreements
  • Files needed
  • Payment
  • PCB Layout
  • Repeated confirmation
  • Download & Feedback
Files needed
Schematic(DSN or powerlogic), netlist, package, structure chart(DXF), Components file, layout requirements etc.
Layout and wiring judgement
According to the design standard, design instruction, customer's design requirements and related checklist.
Layout check and confirm
Provide layout file and structure file to customer for checking if the layout makes sense and confirm the stack-up program, impedance program, structure and package, also confirm the trace specification
Layout file output
PCB original file, gerber file, pick and place file, framed stencil file and structure file etc.
Product category: data communication, optical network, multimedia, computer and Internet, medical treatment, spaceflight, industrical control etc
Wafer type: INTEL, Marvell, Broadcom, Freescale, TI, Qualcomm, Spreadtrum, MTK platform series etc. Design Software: Cadence Allegro/Orcad, Mentor WG/PADS, Altium/Protel, Zuken etc.


The max. number of layers
40 Layers
The max. number of pins
The min. spacing of BGA
0.2 mm
The highest speed of signal
12G(differential signal)
The min. trace width
The min. trace spacing
The max. number of BGA-PIN
The highest price of HDI
connected with any layers(ELIC)


The number of pin of single board
layout period(working days)
Less than 1000
3-5 days
5-7 days
8-12 days
12-15 days
15-18 days
18-20 days
20-22 days
22-30 days


4-layer tablet Motherboard
6-layer large screen display motherboard
Router board with antenna signal processing
Power processing PCB layout
Intel platform PCB layout
6-layer IoT motherboard PCB layout
Power processing PCB layout
6-layer IoT motherboard PCB layout

About PCB Layout:After-sales Service & Exemption Clause

1.If your layout project need to be revised, it's free to revise within 1 day.

A.We won't take responsibility for the delay resulting from the files are not complete or failure to provide in time.

2.Coordinate EQ of engineer and deal with its technology problem at any time.

B.We won't take responsibility for the losses resulting from uncorrect data you provided.

3.Cooperate with hardware debugging.

C.We won't take responsibility for the losses resulting from incomplete checking and confirmation in the finally.


D.We have the right to put off the delivery resulting from confirmation is not on time.

Electronic Product Design

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