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2 layers PCB Board FR-4 1.6 mm Green Mask

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A very fast service, excellent quality, good support and a special thanks to Amalia. The only thing I'd like to point out is the chosen transport - DHL, which in my country (Spain) leads to lots of burocracy and the order was held up in customs. Overall, I am very pleased and shall continue to order from PCB Way. Luis


• wrote 2016-10-18

Hola Luis, eres Cubano? Vi en la foto de la bandera de los proyectos la bandera de Cuba, pero ahora veo que dice Espa?a. Te pregunto porque quiero hacer algunas cosas y enviar a Cuba por DHL, esto es posible? Gracias.

viorel.bianu • wrote 2016-03-14

DHL is the only chosen transport? It's not a very good news, for Romania isn't a very good service and is very expensive too. But I like your board.

• wrote 2016-03-11

TEO ESPEJEL • wrote 2016-01-13

Hola jose luis. quisiera consultarte una duda.

• wrote 2015-11-03