Professional IoT Product Developer
Valitech is a full cycle company in designing of electronics: industrial design, printed circuit boards (PCBs), embedded design, web and mobile applications for IoT devices, prototyping and contract manufacturing.
Our customers are mainly hardware startups (Pre-seed, Seed, Series A stages), for which the high quality of production, technological novelty, the use of present-day materials and components are crucial.
Meanwhile, we work with SME companies, offering to partners our unique expertise in video processing, wearable devices, wireless interfaces, ultrasound diagnostics and spectrometry for home healthcare and industrial equipment.
Engineering Services

Valitech offers a complete line of electronic circuit boards and plastic manufacturing, assembly services, as well as advanced manufacturing services. Our commitment to quality and service Industry 4.0, which some are calling the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Smart Manufacturing, also supported.

Industrial Design
We have unique expertise in creating comfy and ergonomic handheld and wearable devices, sensors, IoT videostreaming devices, etc.
Valitech provides a full range of services for the design of various levels of complexity of Printed Circuit Boards PCBs: from multi-layer to flexible, high-speed interfaces (multicore CPU, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, FPGA, CPLD, eMMC, NAND), wireless technologies (Bluetooth 4.x/5.0, WiFi a/b/g/n, ZigBee, GSM, GPS, LTE), video- and audio streaming and processing, etc.
Firmware Development
Our expertise in embedded technology includes of firmware development for consumer electronics, cutting edge agriculture IoT devices, wearable devices, data storage, healthcare and automotive industry.
Frontend/ Backend Design
At Valitech we build mobile apps for devices on base of catchy and ergonomic user experience. We’ll help to create a powerful processing system for the needs of web, mobile, desktop and connected endpoints on the frontline of your system.
Example Project
Here are just a few of the Happy Customers we have worked with...
“We are at Hardin Scientific having great experience to work with Vali.Tech. They are very professional and focused. The company’s employees are extremely responsive. They help us a lot with the full stack projects lifecycle: from design of the PCBs for our laboratory equipment, to negotiate prices with vendors and suppliers from China, Mexico, Ukraine, Canada, US.”
- Andrei Klimanov (CTO & Co-Founder of Hardin Scientific Smart Laboratory Equipment) -
All of our work follows strict design rules to ensure our customers are always satisfied
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