Our Vision
The help your company needs
Each and every project, no matter how well planned will come to a stage where the in-house expertise is not fully matching the requirements to reach the goal. This should not be considered an indication of failure but should be embraced as part of the product design procedure.
From the hands of experience
Our team of Engineers have a proven track record in many areas including:

● High Speed, Multi-Layer Layout and Routing techniques (Digital and Analog Circuits)

● Size and Cost Reduction

● Design for Manufacture

● Full Turnkey Product Design

Identify the Problem
It can be difficult to identify an Issue. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes on the problem is all you need!
Provide the Solution
Amarula Electronics are experts at resolving problems in record time, helping your project stay on track.
  • Your Idea
    We find that 90% of companies become stuck at some stage of development no matter how many resources are available internally.
  • Our Help
    Amarula Electronics prides itself in being experts at assisting our customers overcome any hurdle in the development phase.
  • Your Goal
    Helping our customers reach their goals on time with confidence, reducing costly mistakes and delays.
Our Services

Providing Expert Resources: Our Engineers are highly skilled in Electronic Design and follow many good practices including High-Speed, Multi-Layer, High Density PCB Design techniques. All of our work follows strict design rules to ensure our customers are always satisfied.

To achieving your goals: It is often assumed that the outsourcing of design work to help achieve goals is too costly. However, In our experience, the cost of struggling to meet goals can be much greater than getting the job done right first time.

Schematic Design
Using the very latest in schematic and simulation tools we capture your concept in the form of an electronic Schematic Diagram which is the basis of all Electronic Products. From here we can export a Bill of Materials (BOM) which can be used to obtain pricing.
PCB Design
Using High Density Interconnect techniques and design for EMC, Your PCB Design will begin to come to life. We are happy to work with the CAD design tool of your choice and can import many formats such as Altium, Eagle, OrCAD and more…
Our excellent team can provide stunning 3D Models, conceptual renders and full manufacturable designs using the latest in CAD Modelling tools . We also provide in-house 3D printing for generating test models and concepts for your approval.
Prototype Assembly (In-House)
Using our in-house, automated pick and place equipment we can provide you with PCB prototype manufacture and pre-production assembled PCB’s. Save time by merging design and prototype under one roof, allowing you to focus on your product marketing and sales.
Software and Firmware
We cover a vast range of programming languages and architectures. From embedded microcontroller firmware to complete Android operating system design.
Having problems with an existing design? Sometimes having somebody else look at the issue can be just what you need. Our team have a great track history in fault finding and technical analysis, helping you get your project back on track.
Example Project
Here are just a few of the Happy Customers we have worked with...
“Amarula Electronics has been 100% dedicated to fulfilling their role in the project.
The programmers, architects and project managers are all very competent, and have worked hard on making a great solution.”
- Richard Eaton (Founder, CEO, Pedal Global) -
All of our work follows strict design rules to ensure our customers are always satisfied
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