the robots like a OpenCV module for the lines and obstacles recognition

Robocup is a competition that takes place worldwide.

Our challenge is the Rescue Line where the robot have to follow a line until it reaches a “white” room where it needs to catch some spheres and take them in a safe zone.

A.              Project Introduction:

Our robotic project aim to compete at RoboCup, on a international plan.
Particularly, our project is made for the Rescue line competition.

The board that we need you to print is a slave board for the Jetson TK1.
The task of this custom board is to control all the sensors and the motors of the robot meanwhile its master will control the highers functions of the robots like a OpenCV module for the lines and obstacles recognition. 



B.              Project Details

The board use an AtMega 2560 processor and it is connected with the Jetson TK1 through an I2C bus.
There are also: an SD card reader, four H bridges (two low power bridges managed by IRLML2502 mosfet and two high power bridges managed by FDES6690A ones) ,a gyroscope, an accelerometer, an ADC module, a PWM module and an HDMI display which spokes directly with the Jetson.

Board size are 130*130mm, dual layer.


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Sep 08,2016
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