UQ Robotics is the main robotics group based at the University of Queensland

UQ Robotics is the main robotics group based at the University of Queensland. We are a student society and are self funded through fundraisers and events. We undertake projects throughout the year. We have over 100 members and hope to expand further this year. Projects we are undertaking in the coming year so far include a robotic air hockey table, a robot micro controller development board and workshops

Below you can see a photo from our most recent holiday workshop. We run these twice every holiday period.

A.Project Introduction/Details:

We have many projects happening at the current time. Below is a summary of a few:


Robotic Air Hockey Table

We are currently in the design and proof of concept stages of an Air Hockey Table Robot. This will play against another player and attempt to win. This will use a camera and image detection to detect the Puck and make moves at full speed. This will require stepper motors and drivers for those motors as well as a custom PCB for those drivers and the required micro controller.


Robotic Base Board
This is an ongoing project. We are designing a micro controller development board to allow people to build a robot very quickly without having to buy seperate parts. It will contain motor drivers, wifi and other sensors required. This will hopefully go into mass production shortly. We would love to be able to get prototypes done through PCBway at a discount or sponsorship.

Hill Climb Rover
We are holding a competition where members will design and build a robot that can climb steep hills. This will require much thought and design. Most members have expressed an interest in designing custom PCBs for this.

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