UNESP PAC Baja Prototype's Display Project

About the Team

The PAC Baja team is a Brazilian student-run project from the State University of Sao Paulo (UNESP). The team main goal is to help the students to learn how to run an engineering project trough the building of a Baja SAE prototype and run the prototype in 2 Brazilian Baja SAE competitions every year. The electronics department of our team has been really successful lately, placing among the top 10 electronic's projects on our last Baja SAE National Competition.

In 2022 we are starting to build a new prototype, this new car will be called Lamira and will replace the old T-One car which has been used since the 2019 season, but now it's T-One's time to retire.

The New Lamira Display Project

The new prototype comes various upgrades when comparing to the older car: new suspension geometry, bigger and more reliably chassis, new battery project and a new display project as well, which is where we need most support at the current moment.

Display Upgrades

Our old display was and LCD commercial type, and our main work with it used to consist by basically programming it and fixing it to the car's

chassi. Although it may sound easy and really simple, it came with a bunch of complications. First of all, price, the old LCD display was a commercial one and so it had a commercial price which we can't afford anymore, since we have a limited budget to build a competitive car and the team is highly depending on sponsors. Second, it wasn't the perfect display for a Baja type prototype, LCDs like the one we had have limited visibility on sunny days, that aspect when combined with all the dirt and dust, from an off-road competition, results in lack of visibility, turning the LCD display totally obsolete.

The new Display is our own project and it's based on multiplexed LEDs placed on a PCB which was projected using Proteus software, and that's where we need most help...

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Sep 01,2022
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