Sound source localization with 4 microhpone

my project is a software and hardware complex for detecting the position of a person by sound. By sound, it determines whether there is a person in the room and turns on the light. You can also control the house using commands.

I decided to do this because I'm interested in embedded systems and the Internet of things.

A device of 4 is hung in each corner of the room and passes information to the handler node, which uses the ESPRIT method to determine the corners and location. In the future, I plan to implement Grid Based Method, Non-linear Square method, Conventional Beam Forming. The user can also view the position of people on the phone.

So far this has been implemented with 1 arduino board and 2 microphones, where the processing can be both on the board with its own method based on TDOA, and on a laptop with the ESPRIT method.

In this video, I show how the system works on the ArduinoTDOA method. It determines the direction to the sound source and displays it by turning the servo.

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Nov 29,2022
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