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Additional mission CanSat PCB

About the team

The rocket and satellite team from the University of Saratov National Research State University is a Russian school group that develops and constructs a variety of projects in the field of space technology for international competitions. The cansat Competition in Russia is one of many ongoing projects that we are participating in and have achieved success, becoming laureates in 2019.

The laureate team ordered the PCB in and this board greatly helped in the continuation of the additional mission

Our satellite cansat consists of 3 parts:

1- these are 3 printed-circuit boards, which are given by the organizers and include the accelerometer ADXL345, barometer BMP 280, temperature sensor ds18b20, radio module E01-ML01SP2, microcontroller Atmegga 128.

The second part of the satellite

We do prototyping with development boards, and an electrician designs printed circuit boards for a year using KiCad, paying close attention to the mass and volume budget inside our spa.

We got two boards of 43 X 43 cm. We are limited in size as the satellite must be registered in a can of 0.5 liters and a diameter of 66 mm.

Computing module

This is a work on adapting the improvement of the computing module to our satellite. Atmega 128 is great hardware thanks to multiple pin interfaces .The ability to download the program via usb has been added to the board.

Sensor boards

There are 3 sensors here: BMI160, BMM150, BME280 from Bosch Sensortec, radio module HC-12 and GPS.

The third part of the satellite is a parachute.

Support from PCBWay will be a huge advantage for our team. We are developing a lot of parts that have never reached the final product due to problems with the delivery and manufacture of parts on time and within the budget here in Saratov, Russia. The ability to quickly create mockups means that more and more team members will gain valuable design experience and feedback to continually expand their skills not only for the СanSat competition, but also for our other contests.

This snapshot of the team that became the laureate made after the launch of the СanSat satellite at the test site in the Vladimir region of Russia

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Jul 31,2019
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