ASTG - Spaceport America Cup Prototype Rocket

About the Team

We, the Aerospace Team Graz, are a student team at Graz University of Technology, which is engaged in the development and construction of a rocket.

Our current goal is to participate in the Spaceport America Cup in New Mexico in June 2021. Last year, more than 100 international teams participated in the cup.

We also plan to work on a multitude of other space related projects in the future involving satalites and other interesting topics.

Since our foundation in October 2019 we have grown to an interdisciplinary team of about 60 students.

The Rocket

The rocket we are building right now is the first protoype version of the rocket that is supposed to be launched at the spaceport america cup and has the purpose of testing our systems and getting something in the air for the first time. The electrical control system consists of two arm based compute modules. One of them monitors multiple sensors and stores its data on the onboard flash. Additionally it uses the sensor data in order to control our custom build airbrake system via a servo and thus enabling us to reach a desired hight as precise as possible. The second system takes the gatherd sensor data and sends them via RF to our ground station giving us the possiblity to monitor our sensor data live on the ground.

3D Model of our protoype rocket



Our Curcuit boards

Our plan to participate in the Spaceport America Cup in summer 2021 is not an easy one. In order to achieve our goal, we as a non-profit student association are dependent on the support of the industry. Making our custom PCBs is certanly one of those things we would be very delighted to get sponsored. We have planed a total of nine curcuit boards to accomplish our control system:

One PCB is the mainboard for out sensor and control system.



The second and third PCB carrie the telemetrie systems for sending and recieving our sensor data



We also have 2 Interface PCBs to connect our system tot he various other systems in the

rocket like the recovery system and the airbrake systems.





In ordert to connect the interface PCBs to the mainboard PCBs we also need 4 connector PCBs



Our complete electronic control system package with electronics mount


For more information about ASTG visit us on our website

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