Recently I was lucky enough to get a BBC Micro model B, a computer made by the Acorn Computer Company for the BBC computer literacy project at the start of the 80s. The project was meant to introduce the children of Britain to computers and programming, along the way a lot of them ended up programming a lot of really cool games. However, for games you'd need a joystick to really enjoy gaming... 

Unfortunately the computer only had the one analog port, they made joysticks for them which were great in their own way though decidedly analog. Today these are hard to come by as the digital joysticks are what stuck around to this day, this module allows you to use your Atari-style joysticks (Atari, C64, Amiga, Master Drive control pad etc) on your computer instead!

Added a breakout header on the top in case you want to use the PCB for other things that require an analog joystick, for instance the Dragon 32 or TRS-80 color computer, and want to add your own custom cable! Should also work with the Acorn Electron, if you have a Plus One interface!

Jan 13,2019
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