Processor module for water filter

This is a prototype industrial water filter processor board we are developing. Since there are not so many functions (but not so few), and we wanted to make programming easier, we used the Chinese LGT8F328P QFP48 processor - there were just enough pins. This board used the CAN bus driver, touch keyboard drivers and SPI display. This board interacts with another board with power circuits and opto decoupling, I already ordered it here, in another order. I am very pleased with the quality of the board. Very, very good, fast and convenient. I don't know if I can add info to this review, if I can, I will post a photo when I solder and test them, as well as the final result, because we have a beautiful 3D case :). Also, I used 0402 footprint for resistors, capacitors and LEDs. The quality of the board, I repeat, is very high. I have a decent microscope and tools, with such quality I plan to switch to footprint 0201 and 01R5, since I will assemble industrial batches just like that, already at the factory. Started simple here to test. Now with confidence I will complete the design and order several multilayer_ boards for STM32FxxxXI in BGA >250 balls with multi-channel LVDS, DDR SDRAM and other BGA chips. I have not yet fully figured out the calculations, but according to my questions, they calculated everything honestly, but did not answer the questions about how some of the nuances work in the calculations. I would like to know for the next orders, apparently I can understand later. This is a very good board maker that has created a great opportunity for prototyping not only for hobbyists but also for commercial production. Thank you very much for your impeccable work.

Mar 30,2023
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