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The boards arrived quickly even with the mid-autumn festival delay. The quality of the boards looks to be good. We will be building only 20 pieces of our 25 piece order, and will be keeping the rest for spare assemblies in case we need any. The solder mask integrity appears to be blemish free and the plating is smooth and even throughout the entire board. Hole centering and registration to the pads appears to be very good as well. This is the first time we tried out the Blue solder mask and the results are good. I have used PCBWay before, and was willing to recommend them to use a printed circuit board source for my company as is the case this time. We will likely continue to use them moving forward as we do not often need greater than Tg 130-140 boards especially for prototype assemblies. There is no evidence of warping in the boards that we received. The shipments via DHL worked out well and were received quickly on our docks. Occasionally there can be delays in shipping but I have not experienced this with any of the boards that I have had made by PCBWay. The shrink wrap bubble packing works very well and seems to protect the boards quite well. I have never had any problems with the packaging with any of my shipments from PCBWay so far. We will be trying other board finishes on our future boards since some of them will need ENIG or ROHS HASL instead of non-ROHS HASL. Further, the copper plating seems to be very uniform and the etching very well controlled. I have not yet tried for a higher precision board yet, but would willing to do so based upon the boards that i have received thus far. There is no evidence of under-etch, or over-etch, which is sometimes an indication of lack of quality. The ability to handle both plated and un-plated holes in addition to handling slots are all positive attributes. I have tried both 4 layer and 2 layer boards with PCBWay and both have been delivered quickly and with very high quality. I would recommend them.

Oct 11,2018
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