Would 1 Watt amplifier will be ruined if I connect a 60Watt speaker to it?

Joson asked Aug 10,2020

Hi all, 

I have a portable guitar amplifier (Marshall MS-2) that uses a KIA6213S IC, it comes with a small 8 ohm 0.8W speaker, I've seen people online who plug this little amp to a 12" speaker or even a 4x12 cabinet. I've already modified it to have that 'full power' output jack.

I have a 60W 4 ohm speaker laying around and it works when I plug it, however I'm a little bit concerned about probably blowing the amp. I need to understand something, if I plug a higher wattage speaker to this amp (750mW and 8 ohms) would the speaker sound to the maximum power the amp can give, or would the speaker "pull" more power than the amp can handle and eventually blow it up?

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