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My PCB needs a transformer, how do i find a supplier for to include in the BOM ?

pca10056 asked Feb 14,2020


I'm working on a PCB that will be powred throuth a 220VAC, i'm stepping down the 220v to 12v then to 5v throuth a step down transformer and a voltage regulator.

the 5v needed to power the microcontroller/sensors circuit .

and the 12v is needed to power the relay throuth the ULN2003 driver.


* Is the assembly service supproting this type of components (transformers) ?

if so.

* We're do i need to look for manufacturers, to include its npm in the BOM ?

I'm working on upgrading this pcb, so most of these components should be included in the BOM. Any tips/clarifications on how i can set the BOM are much apreciated.

Best Regards,


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