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Full-color LED expansion board 16×10 RGB


Designed for Raspberry Pi Pico, an LED dot matrix expansion board with 160 (16×10) RGB full-color 0807 colorful external control constant current integrated lamp beads is composed of high-quality built-in control IC and LED chip, which shows the characteristics of small size, few peripheral components and clean layout, can be programmed and controlled by pico, and can show high-standard and colorful dot matrix visual effects.


  • On-board Raspberry Pi Pico interface for Raspberry Pi Pico series motherboards
  • On-board 16×10 160 RGB LED dot matrix lamp beads with multiple IO options
  • On-board horizontal row needles with 2.54mm spacing are convenient to expand and apply.
  • 007 colorful lamp bead integrates high-quality single-line cascade constant-current driving IC and high-quality RGB LED chip, which belongs to external control constant-current integrated lamp bead.
  • The built-in control IC has the characteristics of high reliability, high anti-interference performance, Gao Heng current accuracy and low power consumption.
  • Integrated with high-quality LED chips, the light emission is highly consistent, the white light effect is pure and the light attenuation is small.


  • Operating voltage: 5 V
  • Communication mode: single-line return-to-zero code
  • Color depth: 24 bits (8 bits for RGB)
  • Data transmission speed: 800 kbps.
  • 256-level adjustable brightness
  • Resolution 16× 10 pixels
  • Overall dimensions 54.00× 26.00 mm

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