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Arduinoflake Soldering Kit

Another decoration? No! Arduinoflake is not only decoration. Learn how to make your own hardware by assembling and programming this beautiful frozen-looking snowflake. It's a new and fun way how to learn Arduino. Arduinoflake is Arduino IDE compatible - make it a unique, unleash your imagination!




a micro USB port (programming or power)

Arduino-compatible design using ATmega8A MCU

18 wide-angle flat-top LEDs


powered by a CR2032 coin battery for up to 12h

Personalize it, make it unique!


The snowflake consists of 30 LEDs grouped into 18 independently controllable segments - use your creativity and program whatever animation or pattern you would like your snowflake to have. Make it your own personal decoration or badge.


The main reason for Arduinoflake is its Arduino IDE compatibility. It runs on Microchip's ATmega8A MCU and can be programmed like any other Arduino development board - just plug it into your computer. It comes with a library that will allow you to program it very easily.


Touch it!


With an integrated touchpad, you can interact with your snowflake to switch between animations. A bit boring, isn't? But what if I told you that you can play a game on it? I hacked mine to play a simple classic snake.


No time for programming?


No problem, you can get a fully assembled and preprogrammed one and use it as an awesome festive decoration. It has several built-in animations changeable via a touchpad.




Arduinoflake can run up to 12h on a single CR2032 coin battery cell which makes it easily wearable or can be powered by 2x AAA batteries for an extended lifetime - perfect for house decorating. Furthermore, it can be powered by any 3.3V to 5V external power source.


What is in the box?


awesome assembly guide

circuit board (PCB)

ATmega8A (TQF32)

TTP223 (SOT23)

CH340E (MSOP10)

18x bright white flat-top crystal clear LEDs

12x bright white 1206 SMD LEDs

18x 68Ω resistors

5x 100nF capacitors

50pF capacitor

10kΩ resistor

2x 1kΩ resistors

micro USB connector

battery holder

power switch

The battery is not included in the package due to the restrictions in shipping them via parcel services. But no worry, you can get these in any drug store.


Can I DIY?


Yes, only SMD soldering tools and skills are needed. The most challenging components are an ATmega8A microcontroller, TTP223 chip and CH340E chip - very small leads close to each other. But if you have doubts you can get your board with these chips already mounted and do the rest yourself to experience the making.


Can I program it?


Yes, Arduinoflake features a micro USB port, all you need is a USB cable. All you need to do is plug it into your computer, download a library and start programming your awesome patterns. It's all pretty easy, like any other Arduino development board. The advantage of Arduinoflake is you don't need any other external component in order to start writing code.


Open Source


Arduinoflake is Open Source for non-commercial use. If you are able to build one on your own, do it. I will love to see the result!


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