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Did you ever want to try your hand at soldering together a computer? Now you can relive the experience Wozniak had tinkering while building the first Apple computer in his garage, all from the comfort of your favourite workspace... Most of the design-work already done, so just heat up your soldering iron and get to work on it!

This is the single board version of the computer, see the github page if you want a more modular design, that includes everything you need in order to get started. The role of keyboard and display is replaced by a simple Arduino Nano so this is truly a minimal design, with a few added bells and whistles. When finished there's the backplane connector at the bottom, combine this with the backplane module or even just a breadboard and you can build your own enhancements for it - even more learning, but in a fun way!

This is revision D, compared to revision C this adds jumpers to enable/disable the RAM/ROM chips. This is done so that the redesigned RAM board can replace these functions when both are connected to a backplane (old revision required pulling these chips).