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Soldermask bridge

Reason of failed review:

A: The Space between IC pads should be at least 0.2mm if solder mask bridge for green soldermask needed of 1oz/2oz/3oz copper board.

B: Space between IC is smaller than 0.22mm, we can not do solder mask bridge for blue/red/white/yellow/black/matte black solder mask of 1oz/2oz/3oz copper.

C: For 3oz ~10oz copper, if solder mask bridge is needed, IC pad width and IC pad spacing should be ≥ trace width and trace spacing corresponding to copper thickness. For example, for 3oz copper thickness board, trace width/spacing should be ≥ 0.25mm/0.23MM. Then IC pad spacing should be at least 0.23mm, so that  solder mask bridge is available.


A: Modify the space between IC pads to reach our standard.

B: Just do as your file and accept no soldermask bridge between IC pads.

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