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AZEnvy - From the idea to the finished product - A success story

by: May 08,2020 1759 Views 0 Comments Posted in Activities

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Hi, my name is Niklas Heinzel and I am the inventor of AZEnvy, the world's first environmental development board based on the ESP12F with a wide range of options for every maker, hobbyist, student and developer. But the path from the idea to the finished product, which can be sold, is rocky and not always easy. But it's definitely worth ambition and to believe in what you're working on.

The idea was to create a multifunctional board that is as small as possible, energy-saving and versatile. In my context, I use it by measuring humidity, temperature and room gases for early detection of a risk of mild growth in my house. This can prevent financial and health damage, but you can use the board for everything you can think of. Everything is possible, from monitoring the garden shed to the weather station. It allows everyone an easy entry into the world of IoT through WLAN connectivity. 

On the way to the finished product, I had implemented and rejected a lot of ideas, but that was the result. It was challenging for me, but also educational, because I'm a student and I'm eighteen years old today. In my home country of Germany, I even patented the invention and won several competitions.

But now it was time to introduce the board to the community and make it accessible. It was very difficult to find someone who (despite a great presentation) was ready to produce and / or market my product.

Luckily, I came across PCBWay.com and especially her marketing manager Eric, who helped me produce and market the product. Many thanks for this and PCBWay as a great partner!

So the product will be available to everyone soon and I am happy to have brought the product to a beautiful end!

Greetings from the Federal Republic of Germany!


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