Generate gerber file from Altium

Step1: The work before generate the Gerber file Before generate Gerber file, you need to set criteria, but for most of PCB designers, these are not necessarily. The following is a brief explanation of these settings, You can also ignore these setting when generate Gerber file. 1. The settings of PCB shape and size, generally are mechanic1,2 layers.2. Before generate the Gerber file, the preprocessed of PCB file.The preprocessed include:a. Add break away rails of PCBb. Add stamp hole.c. Add the m...

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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Projects

A printed circuit board (pcb) mechanically supports and electrically connects electronic components using conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate. pcb's can be single sided (one copper layer), double sided (two copper layers) or multi-layer. Conductor on different layers are connected with plated-through holes called vias. Advanced PCB's may contain components - capacitors, resistors or active devices - embedded in the substr...

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Polyimide PCB Solder Paste Stencil

Step 1: Create Stencil Specific GERBER FileIf you're doing a stencil for both sides, you're going to have to create two stencils. These instructions show how to generate a GERBER file for both the top and bottom. If you only need one side, you can stop at #5.If you are using EAGLE, I have created a CAM job file and included manual instructions. If you are using another PCB software, generate a GERBER file with the dimension layer and cream layer.Easy method:Download this Cam Job (for EAGLE): ...

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PCB design software discussed

circuit board design, PCB design , also known as circuit board called the Printed circuit board, abbreviated as PCB, so the circuit board design , also known as PCB design in English ; circuit board design, draw by hand from the beginning to the present, the more massive component library , and powerful features such as automatic placement and routing , more engineers to help us design a circuit board . A qualified electronics engineer, engaged in PCB design work must master more than one circu...

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PCB design software comparison

1, protel is undoubtedly the first contact eda software, and in most of the universities have protel software programs, but have to admit, protel eda software in the family is indeed one of the most low-end software, making single-sided, two-layer board can still be handy, but began to feel bad 4 layers used, more layers goes without saying that if the face of the high-frequency multilayer high-speed, high-quality board can make protel people are pretty good The :) protel in the coming days wi...

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What is the PCB copy board?

Keyword: PCB copy board, circuit board, PCB software, PCB technology PCB copy board is also called cloning or generic, that is, to reverse design of PCB technology research; Also is to use copy someone else's circuit board PCB software, also be in the circuit design software according to the people of the circuit board to draw a block and then yourself to do circuit board. This is one of the traditional explanation for PCB copy board, along with the technical development, copy board copy bo...

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What are the PCB design software

Keyword: PCB design software, PCB design, PCB software, PCB league What are the PCB design software? At present domestic use more PCB design software is protel, protel 99 se, protel DXP, Altium, these are a development company, continuously upgrade the software; The current version is Altium Designer 9.1 is simpler, design more casual, but is out of complex PCB league. Cadende.spb Cadence is this software, the current version is Cadence.spb 16.3; The ORCAD principle diagram design is the inter...

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