Circuit Boards and Rubylith: History Lesson for Today

What is RubylithRubylith® and Amberlith® are two layer films that are used in the photographic industry and are common in silkscreening. To use either, you would punch registration holes in two sides, and register the film over a copy of your original artwork, colored layer up. The artwork is visible through the film. You cut the top layer around the border of a colored area on the original, and remove the section of the colored layer, exposing the clear layer. If you make a silk screen ...

Circuit Boards PCB board

How Should I Keep My PCBs With a Silver Finish?

How do I store my PCB?Immersion silver finished boards need to be packaged to prevent exposure to air circulation. This can be in a sealed bags or any similar container that will exclude the direct contact with the air. The optimum storage conditions for the wrapped packets are to be kept at 30°C or less and a 50% Relative Humidity area. How long can I keep the Printed circuit boards for?Silver finished Circuit boards can be stored for 6-12 months in dry conditions; this is the same for HA...

Printed Circuit Board circuit boards

How to Depopulate Circuit Boards

Typical electronic circuit boards have large numbers of active and passive components. Some of these components are through-hole, meaning their terminals have leads that are passed through holes in the board and soldered on the other side. Most passive components, such as resistors and capacitors, are Surface Mounted Devices, or SMDs. These components are very small and their terminals are made up of metallic surfaces. Such components and most of the active components, such as electronic chips, ...

Circuit Boards PCB board

How to Clean Old Tube Radio Circuit Boards

Vacuum tube technology was primary throughout the first 60 years of radio and audio electronics. These red hot glowing glass tubes of metal plates, screens, grids and filaments still give off a warmth, which many radio aficionados, audiophiles and musicians swear translates into superior sound quality. The advent of solid state transistor electronics, along with public demand for the highest audio sound quality, has lead many music-lovers, amateur radio operators, antique radio collectors, mus...

Circuit Boards PCB board

How to Wash Circuit Boards

Almost all electronics contain a circuit board, whether it be an electric toothbrush or a computer. Circuit boards contain thin strips of copper that transfer data and information from one part of the electronic device to a different part. They rarely malfunction on their own, but they can be ruined if liquid is spilled on them. Generally, the damage caused by liquid spills is from the residual chemicals and minerals left over once the liquid dries. As long as you notice the spill soon after it ...

Circuit Boards PCB board

How to Safely Clean Circuit Boards

Over time, circuit boards get dirty from dust build-up and accidental spills. Even in the cleanest homes there will be dust on the boards. Every time the unit is turned on there is an electric field that attracts dust. It is part of owning an electrical appliance. Dust and dirt on a circuit board will not allow the heat to escape causing the board to heat up. Failures in the circuit from overheating are expensive to repair, which makes it important to clean the circuit boards from time to time. ...

Circuit Boards PCB board

Components of Circuit Boards

circuit boards comprise a sort of circulatory system inside electronic gadgets. Because of this crucial role, the book "printed circuit boards: Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Testing" asserts that circuit boards will likely continue to be the icon of the electronics industry well past 2011. Understanding circuit board components, then, means staying at the forefront of the electronics age. The BaseCircuit boards known as printed circuit boards (PCBs) constitute the most-used boards in the in...

Circuit Boards PCB board

How to Test Circuit Boards

A circuit board can contain hundreds, or even thousands of connections. When even one of those connections goes bad, the entire circuit board will stop working. Unfortunately, the only way to test a circuit board is to test the individual connections. You can narrow things down by looking for a bad connection, but you still may have to spend hours testing the circuit board to find the problem. Instructions 1 Look at the board for cold solders or broken connections. Look for joints where the s...

Circuit Boards PCB board

How Do I Make Money Scrapping Circuit Boards?

A circuit board mechanically supports and connects electronic components using conductive pathways. After a circuit board is manufactured, electronic components must be connected to it to form a functional circuit assembly. Circuit boards can be sold to metal recyclers for a profit because they contain copper and gold. Each recycling center has different requirements you must meet before your circuit board will be accepted. The amount of money recyclers pay for circuit boards varies. Instructi...

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How to Recycle Circuit Boards

Electronic circuit boards from computers, DVD players and other home electronics are not biodegradable. If disposed through ordinary means, they'll end up in landfills and add to the burden on the environment. But if they're recycled, they can be separated into their reusable and non-reusable parts. The reusable parts can be reinstalled in other electronics, and the other parts can be used to make industrial building products and even to repair potholes. Instructions 1 Visit a website that mai...

Circuit Boards Electronic circuit boards

PCB Design Programs

circuit boards undergo a schematic design process. pcb design programs are tools that capture single or multilayer printed circuit board designs. The software specifies where cuts, solders, holes and circuit board components belong. PCB designs become circuit board prototypes or manufactured parts of electrical products. Printed circuit board manufacturers sometimes streamline production by offering free PCB design programs that send files directly to them. Competing independent software develop...

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How to Clean Circuit Boards That Had Leaking Capacitors

Capacitors are an essential part of any circuit board. They store up and release electrical charge, while also blocking certain kinds of current and allowing others to pass. However, in their normal operation they can occasionally malfunction and burst, leaking electrolyte over the circuit board and leaving a mess known as "capacitor plague." The good news is that capacitors can be replaced and capacitor plague can be removed in a few steps. With the right supplies and technique, you can clean c...

Circuit Boards printed circuit board

How to Clean Electronic Circuit Boards

Taking care of your electrical equipment is a must. Well-maintained equipment works better and lasts longer. circuit boards of any type are no different. Circuit boards can become notoriously dirty, accruing dust and whiskers from soldering. Dirt can also hide weak joints on circuit boards. By using higher-grade alcohol, circuit board users can thoroughly clean and maintain a circuit board of any size in a few simple steps. Higher-grade (around 95 to 99 percent) isopropyl alcohol and ethyl alcoh...

Circuit Boards printed circuit board

How to Clean Circuit Boards With Lemon Juice

As time passes, circuit boards not only become oxidized, but can also become grimy and sticky, attracting dirt and dust, which affects their performance. You can restore the circuit boards' condition by cleaning them with lemon juice. In the book, "Living in the Environment: Principles, Connections, and Solutions" by G. Tyler Miller and Scott Spoolman, Ray Turner, one of the Hughes Aircraft managers in California, wanted to find a cheap, environmentally safe product to clean electronic circuit ...

Circuit Boards printed circuit board

Unusual Uses for Old Circuit Boards

circuit boards are found in computers, radios and other digital electronics. Rather than tossing them into a landfill and contributing to the problem of waste management, consider using old circuit boards in creative ways. ArtAlthough circuit boards are hidden inside machines, they can be visually stunning. This makes them suitable for creating art with a modernist feel. Circuit boards can be applied as a veneer to chests, furniture, wall hangings or cars to create a sleek visual design. Becau...

Circuit Boards printed circuit board

What Is a Printed Circuit Board?

circuit boards were created in the mid-1930s, most likely by Austrian Paul Eisler. During World War II the United States produced them on a massive scale for use in war radios. During this period the invention remained confined to the military sector, and it wasn’t until the end of the war that it became available for widespread commercial use. Commonly known as PCBs (printed circuit boards), circuit boards consist of an insulator (usually fiberglass), with threads of conductive material servin...

Printed Circuit Board circuit boards

Instructions & Tips for Soldering & Desoldering Circuit Boards

A printed circuit board, or PCB, is populated with electronic components that are bonded with the copper pads on the board. The process of bonding is called soldering, while desoldering is done to remove a component from a PCB. The most common method of soldering and desoldering involves heating up the solder flux at a high temperature using a soldering iron. Soldering and Desoldering of Through-Hole ComponentsThrough-hole components are easier to solder because their pads are relatively bigge...

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How to Desolder a PCB

For the electronics hobbyist, desoldering is almost as important a skill as soldering. Everyone is bound to make mistakes, like soldering a polarized part onto a board backwards. If you know how to desolder components from a printed circuit board (PCB), you can correct misplaced parts and redo poor solder joins. You can also desolder failed parts from a board, or harvest parts from scrap circuit boards. Instructions 1 Hold the end of the desoldering braid over the first pad you want to desolde...

PCB printed circuit board circuit boards

How to Find and Read Serial Numbers on How to Find and Read Serial Numbers on Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards can be somewhat overwhelming to look at. Tiny wires and chips pack a dense space, with labels and numbers galore. Finding and reading the board serial number can seem an intimidating task if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Luckily, the serial number is perhaps the most often-read number on the board, so it tends to be one of the most prominently displayed. Instructions 1 Hold the board under a strong light. 2 Look through a magnifying glass for a large,...

Circuit Boards Printed circuit boards

How to Read Circuit Boards

When you can't find plans, reading a circuit board is the only way to replicate or repair an old circuit. This can be a daunting and time-consuming task. Older circuit boards may contain unrecognizable parts that are no longer manufactured. Others may feature custom-integrated circuits that defy mapping. Start with an easy analog circuit, such as a guitar distortion pedal, and work your way up to more complicated versions. Instructions 1 Make a drawing of the top of the circuit board. Show t...

Circuit Boards printed circuit board

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