Write Your Own Riddles ----The Skull CTF

“Centuries ago, she was Queen of the Pirates.Now, you are holding her skull in your hands.A tiny piece of her mind remains within,barely alive, and it holds a dark secret.Awakened by a gentle touch, her eyes will glimmer,and cease shortly after. They say the eyes arewindows to the soul, and this lost soul is waitingfor you to uncover her secret and set her free.Will you take up her quest?”Do you Love Riddles?The Skull is a Capture the Flag (CTF) riddle that invites you to explore the internals o...

PCB. MCU GPIO hardware mods badge riddles hardware The Skull CTF

Ranking Name Answers
1 Sayanik Mandal 9
2 Tomasanton 4
3 Miguel Reis 3
5 Nicolas DEFRANOUX 2
6 Riley Gunn 2
7 PCBWay Support 2
8 PagaAnto 1
9 Reshodha 1
10 Joson 1
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