The Impact of Pre-treatment in Solder Mask Bridge of PCB Production

Introduction:In the PCB industry, in order to ensure the insulation of solder mask of the printed circuit boards, as well as prevent the oxidation of the PCB surface and beautify the appearance, it is usually necessary to apply a layer of solder mask on the PCB surface and the substrate that do not need to be soldered. With the rapid development of electronic industry, the solder mask technology has been developed rapidly.The solder mask between the pads of SMD is called Solder Bridge, whose fun...

SMD Solder Mask Bridge

What is Solder Mask Bridge and Solder Mask Opening on a PCB

1.Solder Mask Bridge: The oil between two pins of component is solder mask bridge, generally refers to intensive IC pin (check the below picture). If the distance of pin is too small, it will be recommended to cancel the solder mask bridge and take advantage of solder mask opening technology.2.Solder Mask Openings: the place without solder mask calls solder mask opening3.PCBWay can accept the minimum distance between IC pins is 0.2mm (check the below picture), if the distance less than 0.2mm, we...

Solder Mask Bridge Solder Mask Opening

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