TSMC And Seoul Address LED To Solve The SIL Europe Problem

Keyword: pcb circuit board, pcb, printed circuit board, PCB tools, PCB material The Strategies in Light (SIL) Europe conference LED light circuit board kicked off with an Investor Forum and a series of workshops; in the former, LED makers TSMC and Seoul Semiconductor addressed the component sector. TSMC focused on its strategic approach to solid-state lighting (SSL) based on its Phosphor-on-Die (PoD) LED technology. Seoul Semiconductor commented on its progress in gallium-nitride-on-gallium-nit...

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Free, open source design tools for PCB

This website contains links to Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools that are released under the GPL (either v2 or v3). Here is a list of active projects (as of Feb 20 2012): Fritzing Fritzing description (from their webpage): Fritzing is essentially an Electronic Design Automation software with a low entry barrier, suited for the needs of designers and artists. It uses the metaphor of the breadboard, so that it is easy to transfer your hardware sketch to the software. From there...

PCB tools PCB design

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