6 tips for transferring a PCB schematic to layout

PCB Design Best Practices: Six things to consider when transferring a PCB schematic to layout. All the examples in this article are developed using the NI Multisim design environment, however the same concepts apply when using different EDA tools. Initial Schematic Transfer Transferring the schematic to the layout environment through the netlist file will also transfer the part information, netlist, layer information, and initial trace widths settings. Here are some recommended steps for pre...

PCB schematic PCB Design

5 tips for PCB schematic file management

1. Use Good Naming ConventionsWhen considering file names for the schematic, consider using a naming convention that includes the revision number or letter to assist in configuration management. Before starting any major new sections of the design, save the file with a revision ‘dot’ numeric or date code (such as AmpProject_revA_1 or AmpProject_revA_20100822). In this way, previous schematic edits or simulations can be compared as they are updated. Information such as the customer’s name, part...

PCB schematic printed circuit board

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