Impact of integrated passive components on PCB technology development

1 Introduction With the development of electronic technology, semiconductor manufacturing process from entering the micron -nanometer process , integration of active electronic components will be substantially improved, even with a significant increase relative to the active component of the demand for passive components . Market development trend of electronic products for light, small , so the ability to enhance the semiconductor manufacturing process , so that the number of active components...

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Balanced approach layered PCB design PCB

Advantages balance layered PCB design PCB : low cost, easy to bend, shorten delivery times , quality assurance . PCB designers possible PCB circuit board design will be designed surprisingly few -layer circuit board (PCB). If no additional wiring layer , why use it? Do not allow the board to reduce the layer thinner it? If the board is at least one layer , do not lower the cost of it ? However, in some cases , an additional layer but will reduce costs. The circuit board has two different struc...

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Use Laser for PCB depaneling

Ultraviolet lasers are used in backend pcb processing as well. In particular, pcb board the singulation of finished devices from the PCB panela task known as depanelingis a growing application space. The conventional method is to use a mechanical routing bit. pcb board However, manufacturers are looking to increase the depaneling throughput and reduce the cost of consumables pcb board. While CO2 lasers are suitable for some depaneling jobs pcb board, they often leave a significant amount of ...

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V-CUT PCB board process issues

label: PCB board,PCB processing,Printed circuit PCB processing time during the puzzle, a large part of the puzzle mode are used V-CUT ways to facilitate customers scoreboard. In this paper, some of the issues and process control methods V-CUT appearing briefly discussed: One question: Printed circuit of V-groove machined down misaligned Reason: Performing (a) the guide pin; Performing (2) a guide hole; (3) procedural errors; (4) a slip offset board grooving; (5) measurement technique is inc...

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