Conventional PCB design

Sequentially through traditional PCB design schematic design, layout design , PCB production, measurement and commissioning process , as shown in Fig . In the schematic design phase, due to the lack of effective methods of analysis and simulation tools required to make a pre-analysis of the signal transmission characteristics of the actual PCB and schematic design data sheet for general reference only components or past design experience to . And for - a new design project, depending on the cir...

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Common PCB board substrate analysis

The rapid development of electronic information industry, electronic products to small, functional, high performance, high reliability direction. From the mid- 20th century, the general surface mount technology 70s (SMT), installation technology (HDI), as well as a variety of new packaging technologies are applied to the surface of high-density interconnect the 1990s emerged in recent years semiconductor packaging , IC packaging technology, electrical installation technology continues to develop...

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Taiwan Flexible PCB To Make Huge Profits

Keyword: pcb Technology, pcb, PCB performance, PCB supplier Flexium Interconnect and Zhen Ding PCB Technology have reported sequential increases of 180% and 75.9%, respectively, in net profits for the third quarter of 2013, while Career Technology PCB returned to profitability from losses in the prior quarter. Flexium's net profits surged to NT$563 million (US$19 million) PCB in the third quarter, hitting the second-highest profit level in the company's history. EPS for the quarter came to NT$...

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