PCB design engineering to achieve high performance

In the electronics industry is driven by Moore's Law, the product more powerful, more integrated, faster and faster rate signal, the product development cycle is getting shorter, PCB design also entered the High-speed PCB design era. PCB no longer merely fulfills the function of interconnecting the carrier, but all electronic products as a very important component. In this paper, to achieve high-performance PCB design engineering point of view, a comprehensive analysis of the IT industry in all ...

PCB PCB design PCB package PCB production

protel the PCB is how

FootDrint is the meaning of the package . Common components PCB package selection Name Code Package Properties Resistance RES1, RES2, RES3, RES4 AXIAL0.3-AXIAL0.7 Which refers to the resistance of 0.3, 0.7 length ( inch ) , usually with AXIAL0.4. AXIAL translated into Chinese is shaft-shaped , 0.3 is the distance between the resistor pads of the printed circuit board is 300mil ( because the motor field, the English units are based ) . For the circuit board is concerned, it simply is not as...

PCB PCB package

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