Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Xentronics

Xentronics is an electronic design & manufacturing consultancy based in Melbourne, Australia. With a small team of high-skilled hardware and firmware design engineers, we manage to offer clients a "one-stop-shop" for their electronic design solution, by offering full product life cycle support - from early conception, to prototyping and risk mitigation, to compliance testing and production, to end-of-life replacement and upgrading - we offer services for the entire process.Rather t...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Amarula Electronics

We have the necessary skills and expertise to take either new product ideas or existing products already in the field and provide full design for manufacture and compliance. Our Engineers are skilled in High-Density Interconnect (HDI) PCB design, and can handle multi-layer PCB stackup techniques.The following are key areas that Amarula Electronics can provide assistance:Analog and Digital Circuit Design and SimulationPCB Design (Multi-Layer, HDI, blind and buried vias, controlled impedance) (Des...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

Introdution of our new PCB design partner - Algarhard

I'm Vitor Aquino and I founded Algarhard, we do hardware projects for 20 years. We create proprietary interfaces and give all the necessary support for the development of firmware. In addition to creating root projects we also run layouts of PCBs always taking into account the final price and also the support. At the moment we are opening our assembly line so that we can realize the hardware projects faster. We have close collaboration with the largest distributors of components, which will ...

PCB design; PCB layout; Hardware

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